The sound of running water brings a calm and sense of nature to any landscape.  Adding a water feature to your property will create a focal point that will draw not only your guests’ eye, but natural wild life as well.  In order to reduce maintenance we provide installation of filtrific units that will keep your feature running smoothly and avoid using harsh chemicals.  Your water feature can be built to include an automated pond fill to prevent the feature from running out of water.  From the ground up, we use highly durable self-containers or rubber lining to prevent leaks in the system and ensure long term functionality.  The pumps we install are durable that can offer power in water flow from a trickle to a gushing waterfall.  Local rock queries provide stone options that give you many different choices so that your water feature can have a range of appearances.  Pacific Landscaping is an industry leader in building water features that will not only delight you, but offer a bold addition to any landscape area.

Water Features & Ponds

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