The purpose of a retaining wall is to retain soil, prevent erosion, and gain functionality of previously unusable areas on your property.  The wide variety of materials we use to build retaining walls provide a more intimate and organic solution than traditional poured concrete walls. With the installation of a retaining wall using landscape wall block, you are receiving all the benefits of a poured concrete wall but in a more cost effective solution.  With different sizes of blocks available and the ability to stack blocks in several patterns, we can achieve any height of wall you might want or need. In our 15 years of building retaining walls, we have never installed a wall that has failed.  With every wall we build, we start with a highly compacted base that is specifically engineered for durability and strength.  One of the leading causes of walls falling over is ignoring drainage issues.  We address this by installing highly functional drainage at the time of installation.  Our team of experienced installers will complete your project in a timely manner, leaving your property fully restored.

Retaining Walls

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