Landscape lighting gives you the ability to enjoy your landscape when the sun sets.  Our approach to lighting comes from a desire to offer energy efficient and beautiful subtle light to enhance your property.  We use low voltage so that there is an ease of installation that can be adapted to any outdoor outlet.  Low voltage provides a less imposing softer light.  With the new technology in LED lighting, we can provide fixtures that will last years without replacing a single bulb.  For jobs that are not low voltage, and an electrician is required, we have established trusting relationships with local electricians that offer nothing but the highest level of quality service.  We are onsite, overseeing every step of your project from start to finish.  Lighting fixtures can be a visual upgrade that are unique to the aesthetics of your preferences.  Uplights help accent specific elements in your landscape while pathway lights increase safety and provide visibility.  Pacific Landscaping is committed to making sure your lighting needs are not just met, but completed in a way that will leave you breathless and able to enjoy your landscape in the quiet of night.

Landscape Lighting

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