Pacific Landscaping has over 30 years of experience in providing exceptional irrigation products and services.  Whether your needs require a fully automatic weather responsive irrigation solution or maintenance on an existing system, you can feel confident that our experienced technicians will complete the job and provide exceptional customer services.  We only install the highest quality of material by taking the best products from several distributors, to deliver an irrigation system that will last decades and provide you peace of mind.  Water efficiency is a concern that we take seriously.  Our systems are designed to use the least amount of water required to ensure that your landscape remains beautiful and green through the driest of seasons.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Spring Activation

During the spring season Pacific Landscaping provides a tune up service, activating your irrigation system and confirming the system is running efficiently. This service includes checking the entire watering system for breaks and/or leaks, cutting around pop up heads in lawn areas and adjusting heads as necessary for proper coverage. If repairs are required to the system, upon approval from the owner our highly trained technician can resolve most issues while on site. These repairs will be billed at time and material in addition to the activation service charge.

Irrigation Winterization

The longevity of your irrigation system is partly dependent on an annual winterization of your system. By winterizing an irrigation system we drain the water out of your system that can freeze, expand and crack the PVC piping. We accomplish this by either manually, locating the drain valves and shutting off the irrigation water supply, or by a blow-out method where we use compressed air to remove the water from your system. Unlike many companies Pacific Landscaping owns their own air compressor that eliminates rental costs and results in savings for our customers. This service includes checking the irrigation system for major problems, turning the controller off for the winter and shutting down the water supply to the irrigation system at the main shut off.

Backflow Inspection

Post installation of an irrigation system, your city requires annual backflow testing to prevent the mixing of drinking water with irrigation water.  We have staff that are certified in Backflow Prevention and will make sure that your system is properly tested and certified in accordance with the city requirements.  If your system is brand new, or 10 years old, a backflow test is needed.  For a flat fee, whether you are a home or business owner, we will handle the testing and filing required from start to finish.


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